bts mystery box

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I made just one large mystery box to commemorate permission to dance

Please see the list and rate the value of the box.


-bt21 official pouch set 1
-bt21 official headband 1
-bt21 official pongpong charm 1
-bt21 official buds case 1
-bt21 official party cone set 1
-bt21 official toothbrush 1
-bt21 official strap 1
-bt21 official sticker 1
-bt21 official pen1
-bts official memopad 1
-line friends plastic bag 1

-bts unofficial photocard 30p
-bts unofficial transparent photo card 1p
-bts unofficial hologram photocard 1p
-bts unofficial memopad 30sheet
-bts unofficial postcard 3p
-bts unofficial photostrip 1p
-bts unofficial sticker 15p
-bts unofficial envelope 1p

All items on the list will be shipped.
all member mixed

all new condition

100% official 

*best army gift

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